A well designed, attention-grabbing letter or mailer 
Find the lowest postage rate 
OK, you have your offer and you have a good database – now you need a well designed mailing-piece or letter that gives instant and clear information about what you are offering and a method of response.  
Resist the temptation to cram too much information at this stage as paragraph after paragraph of small type is off-putting. Remember, you have a very narrow window of attention when people are going through their mail so you need to grab their attention with eye-catching design and wording and a very clear way to contact you. 
05 Direct Mail can help with colour print and personalised letters if required. We can even provide colour printed envelopes. Our fulfilment rates are lower than most and we guarantee a close one-to-one service to help you get the best from your mailings. 
If you are using stamps or even franking we have lower postal rates through our mailing house ‘access’ postal accounts that can make you substantial savings. Larger quantities are often around half the cost of stamps and sometimes less. 
Effective direct mail is about putting your offer in front of the right people in an attractive way and at the lowest possible cost. We are happy to offer guidance and advice on any aspect of Direct Mail – and that costs nothing, so please don’t hesitate to email or call us - anytime. 
0161 484 0804 - info@05directmail.com 
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