Is Direct Mail the best option? 
A well targeted, up-to-date mailing list 
There are many important aspects that need to be considered with any direct mail campaign for it to be effective. 
Before you go any further you need to decide, is postal mailing the best way to reach your target audience? It will depend on the product/service you are offering of course but this is the first thing to consider when planning a direct marketing campaign. 
If you decide direct mail is the best way to present your message you will need well a targeted, reliable mailing list if you are not using your own customer list. Good targeting is crucial. You may have a great offer so sending to the wrong people or using an out-of-date list would be disastrous. Use a creditable data supplier and give them as much relevant criteria as possible so they can come up with the best data possible for your specific needs. 
You may have seen data offers online or even received emails about huge quantities of marketing data for a few pounds. Though tempting, these are usually lists that have not been updated for years or have, in some cases, been acquired without the original owner’s permission or cobbled together from various other lists. Stay well clear! 
If you need any help in finding suitable data call us at 05 Direct Mail Ltd and we can either work with you to source a good list or refer you to a reliable supplier. 
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