Direct Mail can remain effective long after it hits the desk. 
From experience with our own promotional mailings we have had instances where we have had an enquiry from someone who received a postcard or letter from us weeks or even months ago. This shows direct mail pieces can have a much longer staying-power than emails and SMS. The message, if relevant and of interest, will strike a note with the recipient and then can be kept for future easy reference. 
If you send an email to someone who is no longer there, it bounces. If you send a postcard or letter, the new person in that job sees it and you have just introduced yourself as a vendor. 
Direct Mail can reach high-level decision makers that email often can’t. There are only so many things you can do to make an email look more important but beyond writing a compelling subject line many just don’t get opened. Those clever graphics and marvellous offers may not even be viewed whereas direct mail can utilise all manner of clever and emotive visual tricks that are immediately seen and draw in the recipient. 
It’s true, eye-catching direct mailers are not cheap to produce but if the targeting is good and the message strong and well displayed they can get close to 100% open rates and when you are trying to reach the decision makers, what’s that worth? 
A good quality, well-targeted mailing list plus an attractive offer displayed clearly is the key to direct mail success. 
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