Clean and accurate data is essential to a successful postal mailing.  
Royal Mail say that poor quality customer contacts data costs companies on average 5.9% of their annual revenue. That means expensive print plus the cost of postage wasted by sending to addresses that no longer exist, businesses that have moved or closed and in some cases people that are now deceased. Keeping your mailing lists up-to-date and clean is essential to prevent Royal Mail returning 'gone-aways' etc and to maximise your campaign potential. If you have your own 'in-house' data file its a good idea to check it against the Royal Mail current PAF national address file for accuracy before a mailing, or at least annually. We can arrange this for you at around £5 per 1,000 records. Doing so will improve deliverability and your chances of success. Correcting and removing erroneous data before mailing will save you money on print and materials at the outset and maximise your potential response rate.  
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