Direct Mail is making a comeback after the Pandemic 
Now people are spending more time online than ever it would be reasonable to assume direct mail is on its way to becoming extinct. While it’s true that over the past year mail has declined, fewer pieces of mail is actually good for direct mail marketeers. 
Direct Mail Has Less Competition 
After reaching a peak in 2018 the overall volume of UK mail has been in decline for a number of reasons. A switch to online marketing/shopping is one and another is of course the pandemic that has ‘moved the goalposts’ in many industries. 
However, the good news is that less mailbox clutter means more opportunity for your business to stand out and make the impact you need with your prospective customers. 
Compare the competition you’ll have with just one or two other pieces of mail against the competition faced on digital advertising platforms. Consumers, on average, receive just over 100 emails and view more than 60 display ads every day. People still like mail they can physically handle. 
Direct Mail Response Rates Are Increasing 
Studies show that with fewer pieces of mail in play, direct mail is receiving more attention, so it makes sense that response rates are on the rise and direct mail response rates are up as much as 3% - 4% over the last year despite the decline in overall volume. 
In comparison research has found with a promotional email blast you can expect around 1% return whilst online display ads are averaging just 0.3%. 
Display ads and email marketing have a place in an overall campaign, they are best used as tools to increase brand awareness and support. Direct mail is still more effective at driving sales through your door. 
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