Combining mail and email can be very beneficial to organisations and brands. 
Email is quick, easy to read, informative and easy to respond to. It’s suited to quick messages such as acknowledging an enquiry or giving customers specific pieces of information such as delivery times and it’s perfect for following up on enquiries or requests. 
People also feel it has an informal quality. It’s the equivalent of saying ‘just thought you’d like to know’. 
Mail is a more immersive medium. It grabs our attention, draws us into a communication and then holds our attention. So mail is suited to messages that require greater consideration than email, or occasions when we need to communicate more information. We see this in the way people like to browse through catalogues and brochures, or dip into them over extended periods. 
Similarly, when we join a new service we will often hold onto a welcome pack or membership guide for future reference. 
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