Integrating direct mail and email communications means you’ll not only meet customers’ needs, you’ll maximise the effectiveness of your message 
Technology and devices allow us to go online anywhere at any time. But when it comes to brand engagement, consumers want choice. They digest communications in many different ways depending on where they are, what they’re doing. Before making some purchases, for example, research shows 65% like to spend time perusing both a mailed catalogue and a company’s website. 
On the surface it may appear financially attractive to migrate all customer communications to purely digital media like email, web, mobile and social. But customers are very clear this isn’t what they want. Over half say they want a mix of both mail and email.  
Add direct mail to the mix and a new, unique group of consumers start to take action when compared to using email on its own. 
A recent research test showed ... 
13% more consumers visited senderʼs website 
21% more consumers made purchases 
35% more consumers redeemed coupons or vouchers 
What is clear from this research is that many consumers only acted after receiving postal mail. So adding direct mail to marketing campaigns can improve performance substantially by encouraging a whole new, untapped section of your audience to purchase, redeem coupons and visit your websiteen viewing the full post. Click on this text to edit it. 
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